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Sainte Agathe Academy
Académie Sainte Agathe Academy


Some of the many sporting activities offered at SAA:

Basketball                                           Cross-Country Skiing

Hockey                                                Rugby

Snowshoeing                                       Soccer

Track & Field Day                               Intra-mural Sports Competitions


Our Students enjoy lots of clubs during lunch and recess:

Reading Club                                       Baking Club

Girls Club                                            Math Club

Games Club                                         Art Club


Our Student Councils (Elementary & Secondary) have been very busy lately!

Bake Sales

Horse & Buggy Ride

Lumberjack Day

Lunch crafts

Halloween Week activities

Holiday activities like Candy-Grams, Gift Exchanges and Photos with Santa


A few of the Outings & Field Trips our students have taken part in during 2016-2017:

Annual Senior Trips to New York City & Boston

Tyro Park

Canoe-Camping in Lac Superieur

Hiking at ‘Montagne du Diable’ in Ferme Neuve

Canoe-Camping on the Rivière Rouge

Beach Day Team Building

Ottawa War Museum

Ottawa Science Museum

Musée des Beaux Arts and Symphonic Orchestra in Montréal

Apple Picking Trip

Regular visits to the Seniors Residence in Ste Agathe



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