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Sainte Agathe Academy
Académie Sainte Agathe Academy



Ahmadi, Shamila
 Professional Psychologist

Axford, Karen
 Support Special Ed. Technician

Berwald, Pauline
 Technician Laboratory High school

Blais, Isabelle
 French Teacher Grade 6 & Sec 1

Campbell, Chelsey
 Kindergarten Teacher PRE

Cappelli, Donna
 Student Support Attendant Attendant

Celestino, France
 Administration Principal and Cycle 2 FSL

Cloutier, Real
 Janitorial Janitor

Colatosti, John
 Elementary Teacher Grade 5

Cooke, Hugh
 Phys. Ed. Teacher Elementary & High School

Cuccarolo, Gloria
 Science Teacher / Math - High School

Deakin, Pamela
 Support Attendant High School

Favron, Laurie
 Administration Secretary Absences, School Fees, Transportation

Fulker, Shelly
 Support Attendant Elementary

Goodman, Stacey
 Support Attendant Elementary

Grant, Tara
 English Teacher High School

Heung, Tyson
 Mathematics Teacher High School

Houle, Claudine
 French Teacher Gr. 1/2 - Elementary

Irven, Jason
 Special Education Special Ed. Technician

Kariotakis, Hariclia (Harriet)
 Administration School Secretary

Lalancette, Martin
 Professional Guidance Counsellor

Lanthier, Barbara
 Support Lunch Monitor

Lefebvre, Francine
 French Teacher High School - Sec 2-5

Lozoff, Renee
 Resource Teacher High School

MacDonald, Kellie
 Support School Organization

Marcotte, Jeanne
 Support Librarian /High school Supervisor

Masse, Ian
 Elementary Teacher Grade 6

Matthews, William
 Janitorial Janitor

Miron, Samuel
 Support Attendant Elementary

Morselli, Sandra

Paquin, Chantal
 Support Special Ed. Attendant & CLC

Peters, Kellye
 Elementary Teacher Grade 4

Petterson, Ken
 Resource Teacher High School History

Pilon, Andrée-Anne
 Resource Teacher Elementary

Redhead, Lindsay
 Elementary Teacher Grade 2/3

Syrkos, Natasha
 Science Teacher /Math - High School

Thibeault, Johanne
 Support Lunch Monitor

Vacval, Monique
 Elementary Teacher Kindergarten

Vekteris, Janet
 Arts Teacher High School

Vicente, Marla
 Professional Speech Lang. Pathologist

Wilkins, Julie
 English Teacher High School - Sec 2-5

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Synonyms: butcherly, gory, slaughterous.

Usage: He was an angry youth with a sanguineous temperament and was always getting into fights.