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Sainte Agathe Academy
Académie Sainte Agathe Academy

Parent Participation Organization & P.P.O.

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About us…

The PPO is a volunteer-run group whose purpose is to bring together all parents as a community in support of the school’s mission and objectives for the ultimate benefit of the students. What that means is ‘we're here for the kids’!

The SAA PPO acts as a forum to effectively coordinate parent activities. The PPO committee also acts as a liaison between parents and the school, providing a two-way channel for information. It encourages parent volunteer participation in many areas of the school, including the coordination of special events, teacher-led projects, student activities, communication and fundraising. We believe that when parents are involved in their children’s school life everyone benefits.

All parents are welcome to participate in a number of capacities at the school. Whether keeping score at a sports game, contributing to a bake-sale, running a club, helping at an event or joining a committee, parents are valued members of the school community. No gesture is considered too small, no effort insignificant.

The PPO committee meets monthly and we invite all parents who have an interest in supporting our school to attend. Meeting dates can be found in the monthly SAA Newsletter should you wish to attend. PPO Committee members welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have regarding involving yourself in school life or any other PPO topics you need clarified. Contact us by email ( or via the school office at any time. We look forward to meeting you!

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